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What Others Have Said About Me & My Art

This is a quote from Juliana Tocade , She lives in New Zealand & has purchased two paintings from me.
Thanks again Juliana!

I 'adore' Dana's Art and I 'adore' Dana the Artist.  He is adorable, his voice is so loving, fresh, I felt his smile, his happy, delightful essence coming thru. He was gentle and assuring during our transaction online. An instant faith, peace  and trust I felt with beloved Dana my best Buddy.!!  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to buy his Arts  Online. There is no middle man.(.like greedy Art dealers}.!  Dana will welcome you with his pure spirit.!!  A beautiful Soul.  His Art studio is lovely.  His Art and the way he blends colors  are to my liking.  And he makes his Art affordable. Those of you in USA are lucky as you don't pay for exchange rate.  I would say without hesitation, support Artist like Dana,  we are lucky to have him.  God Bless Dana and may he prosper in his life with opulence, and all good things.

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A Quote From One of My Favorite Artists - Pablo Picasso

Here is a quote from one of my all-time favorite artists!
"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."Pablo Picasso

African American Artist - William Edouard Scott

A Modern Day Romeo & Juliet - Outdoor 7 Foot Mural Painting - Last update!

This is going to be my last update before the Final Unveiling! Which I believe will be tomorrow sometime,  lol.  I have really been trying to capture what I call a Modern, Urban, Metro Cowboy,  done in an impressionistic style.  All wrapped up in a Romeo & Juliet balcony scene. I hope you have enjoyed watching this painting progress.  If so I'd really love to hear from you!  And please feel free to send this to a friend,  family member, mutual art lover! If you don't like it, feel free to send it to you enemies ;)
2017 A Modern Day Romeo & Juliet 7ft. Outdoor Mural
by Dana Chabino

A Modern Day Romeo & Juliet - 7ft. Outdoor Mural Painting - by Dana Chabino

 am very excited to announce that I have just started the biggest & Largest Comission of my career! I will be painting a Total of 6 outdoor murals that measure over 7ft x 7ft! Here is a photo from the 1st one. You will see photos of this painting from start to finish, so keep checking back to see the progress!
Best Wishes!
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The Hanged Man - Original Watercolor & Ink Painting for Sale

2011 Watercolour with Pen & Ink 16x12" Arches 140lb. Cold Pressed Paper $350 Sale Priced at Just $150  That's OVER  Half OFF People!  Kinda like the guys head!  Bad joke I Know!  May loose a followers or two on that one ;)  Lol. This picture was painted using a pouring technique, that I'm not about to disclose! At least not in my Life-Time ;)  Not trying to be another Van Gogh! I like my ear,  and I was selling paintings around the world by the time I  was  my late teens :)  Not that I am an any way trying to compare myself to Vincent Van Gogh! He was a Great Painter,  sad he was so miss-understood! Hopefully we as a Human race don't repeat that same misstake!  I went and added some finishing details using pen & ink Hope you like it! If so please send this to a Friend!  If not send it to an Enemy ;)  Ciao 📫 Email Us for more information